Impact Advertising

One of the key services of Carbon Zero Finance INC is advertising on the Air Purification and Carbon Capture assets around the world in real-time. The need for cleaner air to breathe will drive the adoption of Carbon Zero devices to highly populated areas globally. The advertisement space on the devices further associates the image of something good for everyone. Following features further enhance the prospect of advertising on Carbon Zero devices:

  1. High footfall placement
  2. Sustainable impact brand association
  3. Advertise with impact
  4. Global reach

Market Comparison

Carbon Zero Finance INC.’s air purification and carbon capture device come with vertical real estate, this place is perfect for impact advertising for an additional source of income for the end-user. Currently, there are no competitors in the market in this space directly catering to the end-user.

Stage Of Development

We have fabricated our modular devices with a common design, integration of LED TV screens underway with sensor integration. The television screens will feature an outer shell to protect them from the elements and criminal acts. The advertisements would be dynamic and content can be chosen by the end-user or us through our integrated application.