Carbon Zero Blockchain

Carbon Zero Blockchain integrates the emissions and carbon capture data in real-time with the devices. Immutability of the blockchain ensures trustworthy cross-industry and market data on tradable emissions and carbon captured. The blockchain is being deployed as a proof-of-stake with proprietary code that amplifies the decarbonization aspect of Carbon Zero Finance INC. Integrating IIoT devices with the blockchain to remotely monitor and control devices makes operations efficient and transparent, this gamify’s carbon capture across the world. The key features of the Blockchain are:

  1. Proof-of-Stake validation
  2. Open integration with IIoT
  3. 实时跟踪一个碳d trading
  4. Gamifying Carbon Capture
  5. Standardization across the globe
  6. Immutable and transparent
  7. Equitable distribution of benefits

Market Comparison

Carbon Zero blockchain works on the concept of proof of decarbonization and its value is derived from the removal of GHGs from the atmosphere. While we will support the carbon credit market, it is up to the end-user to retain carbon credits. $CZO blockchain will provide an all-inclusive solution for staking, lending, and payment systems while partnering with major organizations for ease of transactions for the end-user.

Stage Of Development

Carbon Zero Finance would deploy the new blockchain in July 2022, its development is complete, and testing is in the final phase. DeFi, staking, and lending platforms will be deployed with the launch of blockchain. The payment infrastructure will be fully operational and deployed with our first Carbon Capture device in 2024.