Air Purification Device

The Carbon Zero Outdoor Air Purifier targets PM (particulate matter) and gaseous pollutants. The device uses a pre-filter which is a non-woven fabric filter. The filter works along with a PM10/PM2.5 and optimizes the operation. A gas sensor further activates an ultra-fine particle filter that leads to activation of the fan that flows the air through the activated carbon filter. This process has certain benefits that include:

  1. Higher throughput
  2. Increased efficiency with intelligent automation
  3. Remote control and monitoring
  4. No manual intervention

Market Comparison

Although air purification and carbon capture exist, the high initial capital requirements for any project are a roadblock to scaling these technologies. The modular products offered by Carbon Zero Finance INC provide not only low entry costs to the market but also high efficiency. The blockchain and leasing model enables the company to deliver Carbon Capture as a Service. The leaner business model along with affordable devices and unique selling points can lead to mass adoption with measurable impact. This also leads to Carbon Zero Finance INC having higher revenue to capital employed ratio. With the impact-focused value delivery, Carbon Zero Finance INC products are primed for mass adoption.

道具rietary Rights

Carbon Zero Finance INC will hold all the proprietary rights to the technology developed by the company. Currently, the research and development (R&D) team is working on the first iterations of the devices. The team will be pursuing patents to ensure proprietary rights to the technology.

Stage Of Development

Carbon emissions are creating fast-growing social and environmental issues globally. To leverage the upcoming market conditions, bootstrapping Carbon Zero Finance INC. was essential. We have fabricated the design of our modular air purification device, it is tested in real-time environmental conditions will be completed by April 2022. Recent tests have shown that the device is more efficient than market-leading products of its class. Sensor integration and advertisement display will be concluded by May 2022. The current obstacle is the scalability of the product in a large quantity, this includes the time required to meet production needs.