About Carbon Zero

Carbon Zero Finance is an online marketplace for connected assets that offer people a sustainable way to earn money with a collective effort and measurable positive impact on their health, environment, and wealth. Carbon Zero Finance aspires to be the biggest Carbon Capture entity in the world by 2030. This is made possible with the optimized business model of the company’s vision, which is to provide a sustainable supply of clean air for the people and the climate with innovative solutions coupled with emerging technology.

Carbon Zero Finance INC is actively developing industrial-grade Air Purifying and Carbon Capture devices that enable mass adoption with scalability. The integration of these devices with the Carbon Zero Block-chain application enables users to monitor, track and control environmental impact in real-time.

Currently, the market lacks technical solutions to scale the impact of carbon capture and outdoor air purification. While the need for better air and carbon removal has been growing higher every day. Carbon Zero Finance INC is setting up to tap this need of the market and evolve technological solutions to grow at scale. A decentralized, transparent, immutable system that tracks emissions and a carbon exchange to offset it, facilitated by a global set of rules and smart contracts.

Carbon Zero Finance INC leverages the momentum against climate change and develops its adoption with impact. As an organization creating value through delivering clean air for everyone and providing a simple interface to track emissions with ease and trust. Everyone can track their carbon footprint, offset it on Carbon Exchange, and most importantly lease or buy Carbon Capture devices that incentivize the process.

Simple, decisive, and impactful.

Our Vision, Mission & Value

We believe in a world where our spending doesn't cost us our integrity, much less our planet

A world where ingenuity enables us to manage carbon and stabilize the earth’s climate.
We accelerate the development and implementation of innovative, commercially viable, greenhouse gas reducing technologies.
Our values are the non-negotiables that steer Carbon Zero’s services, decision making, and conduct.

When we look at our work and culture, this is what we expect to see:

  • Empowerment: We make it easier for people to act and transact on their values.
  • Inclusivity: We operate from the understanding that this is everyone’s planet, and as such, every community deserves access to and participation in our work.
  • Intersectional Problem Solving: We’re holistic in both our analysis of the problems and our development of the solutions. Climate change is the most intersectional problem we face; our solutions should reflect that.
  • Initiative: We speak up and show up for the wellbeing of our planet and its people.
  • Transparency: We hold ourselves to a standard of specificity, honesty, and verifiability that keeps us accountable to our values. We want our community to understand how our technology works, how we’re achieving impact, and with whom we’re partnering to do so.
  • Integrity: We consistently align our actions with our beliefs. Integrity is arguably the value that we hold most dear. At Carbon Zero, we know that the scale of our impact will always be decided by the strength of our integrity.